Cute vegetables? Yes.

I don't really like tomatoes. As long as they're unrecognisable (pizza, soup, ketchup) they're fine, but if I can see seeds I'm not happy. So if you can make a tomato look cute to me, you're doing alright in my book.

Just look at that little face! Miffy's cross bred with my vegetable antagonist and somehow the result is adorable cuteness.

Noodoll, the creators of this veggie plush also make some adorable other characters, both inside and outside the edible world. Their website looks so nice too! You can even search characters by personality in the shop.

And they put together some perfects gift sets. I might just have to buy myself a gift real soon :3

Guh. Too cute.

And. And! These people even offer free toy surgery! Even though I'm beyond the age to nibble my toys, I think this is just really nice of them. Kudos to Noodoll!